About Priscilla


Based in regional New South Wales, Australia, Priscilla’s varied work history (seven different careers to date and several concurrently), her enthusiasm for travel in Australia and overseas, and a passion for craft galleries all inspire ideas, characters and backgrounds for her contemporary fiction. She loves story research, and has reams of notes she reluctantly has to discard from the final stories.



In the stunningly beautiful Caribbean islands of The Grenadines,  among many friendly folk she met a pilot (nowhere near as sexy as Cameron in Where the heart is)  who joked he would fly her from Barbados to St. Vincent only if she’d buy his tiny airline. Unfortunately, her credit card wouldn’t stand the strain.

For Hot Ticket, she researched several cafes, drinking far too much coffee and eating too many calories of chocolate cake, hoping in vain that some charming barista would serve her coffee with a chocolate heart on top the way Callum introduces himself to Olivia.

She took a class in fashioning silver jewellery but never produced anything as artistic as Cassandra’s creations in Silver Linings. Being an alpaca owner (one of the seven jobs) prompted Anna’s story, but unfortunately no one, never mind a sexy television soap opera producer, ever wanted to film Priscilla’s animals. Holidaying in the Scottish Hebrides, she travelled on several ferries, but sadly never came across a pirate look-alike deckhand such as the gorgeous guy who teaches Jazz to dance the reel (among other activities).

Meet Priscilla’s Girls

OLIVIA, believing she knows what she wants and it isn’t a man (Hot Ticket)

CRISTINA, planning her dream (Where the Heart Is)

CASSANDRA, fresh out of job, money, fiancé (Silver Linings)

ANNA, hesitant about her town’s soap opera (Sealing the Deal)

GINA, needing to know her boss’s secret (Class Act)

BILLIE, repairing cars is easier than perking up  her love life (Finding Billie)

JAZZ, wanting to go home, except for the pirate (Dancing the Reel, not yet published)

And their men:

CALLUM, expert in coffees topped with chocolate hearts (Hot Ticket)

CAMERON, living his dream (Where the Heart Is)

ALISTAIR, denizen of life in the fun lane (Silver Linings)

KYLE, determined to get his show on the road (Sealing the Deal)

LEE, trying to assert himself as boss (Class Act)

ZAC, struggling to cope with tragedy (Finding Billie)

ANGUS, more than he seems (Dancing the Reel, not yet published)