Priscilla Brown writes fun contemporary romances, where the main characters spark off each other while struggling with the challenges each presents, and their different lifestyles and dreams.

Her most recent release is a romantic comedy…



He almost runs her over, she breaks a shoe in a drain…what can he do but play Prince Charming? This near accident caused by Alistair is Cassandra’s introduction to life in the fun lane. Both fresh out of inappropriate relationships and jobs, each is novelty value for the other. But their exes are pulling tricks to be reinstated, offering lifestyles where income is guaranteed. So can Cassie’s passion for fashioning silver jewellery and Al’s for  re-purposing driftwood timber keep then fed? And is this too-much-too-soon chemistry fizzing between them fit for the long haul?

B078Y6RW7Z (Amazon)


 Other contemporary romances by Priscilla for your reading pleasure:

Sealing the Deal


Excited that television producer Kyle wants to shoot his blockbuster drama not only in her struggling town but on her cash-strapped alpaca farm, Mayor Anna sees his company’s fee as a solution to financial predicaments. But can she survive accusations of payola? Is this sexy younger man buying her influence against community opposition, or could he possibly want her for the generous loving nature masked by her business suit?

Find Anna and Kyle’s story on Amazon at B071NL5KWZ

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Read about  Olivia and Callum in Hot Ticket …


What kinky no-hoper would attach his business cards to the sexiest bras in a glamorous boutique? Ambitious Sydney lawyer Olivia, seconded for six months to Darwin after ending a toxic affair with her boss, looks forward to a rest from men, but curiosity leads her to investigate the guy at the cafe identified on his card. Shocked at the kick of heat when barista Callum, light years away from a no-hoper, serves her coffee topped with a chocolate heart, she finds the tropical climate not the only steamy aspect of her new life.  Love or her career? Will she listen to her heart or to her head before it’s too late?


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And enjoy the story of Cristina’s Caribbean romance …


After a failed marriage, men are off Cristina’s essentials list. No way does romance figure in her expectations of her working holiday at a luxury Caribbean resort. The  resort’s pilot has other ideas, aiming to put himself at the top of said list. Can this zany charmer break through Cristi’s defences? But is he a playboy with secrets?

Cristina and Cameron’s story is on Amazon at B01FA8J9SU

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